To be in Alexa Wilding’s presence is to feel a warm glow of maternal affection wrapped around you at all times. She is soft spoken, deeply tuned in to those around her and disarmingly calm. The latter trait is not one we’d normally associate with a mother of twin toddler boys, but Alexa’s motherhood journey has been different from day one. The singer/songwriter and soon to be published author has experienced more highs and lows in the past five years than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Alexa always knew she wanted to be a mother, but her path to parenthood was nothing like what she expected. After becoming pregnant for the first time in 2012, she was given the devastating news at 12 weeks along that her baby no longer had a heartbeat. This profound loss was followed two months later by the surprising news that not only was Alexa pregnant again, but she was expecting twins. West and Lou entered the world in 2013, turning their parents’ world upside down in the best possible way. Just shy of their one-year birthday, Lou began to feel ill and, after several misdiagnoses, Alexa and her husband Ian received the earth-shattering diagnosis of cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, and six months of hospital isolation followed. While this unimaginable experience could have easily broken her spirit, Alexa has worked ferociously hard every single day to ensure that her family’s nightmare serves as a source of inner strength and positivity, rather than of fear and constant anxiety. Here, this resilient, endlessly inspiring mama invites us into her eclectic, cozy apartment (just a few months before saying goodbye to Manhattan in favor of more breathing room in the Hudson Valley), and shares her profoundly moving motherhood journey.