When Tibi founder Amy Smilovic moved her family from SoHo to the country, she wondered how her city-centric brood would adjust. Over ten years later, and they are happier than ever. Amy and her husband, Frank, revel in the quiet and community, while her two boys take full advantage of the plethora of activities that country life has to offer (from outdoor sports to water balloon fights in the backyard). After starting her career working in advertising for American Express, Amy had her light bulb moment and decided to pursue her true passion. Since launching Tibi in 1997, she has seen the company grow from three employees to over 60, and has carved a unique and treasured place within the crowded fashion landscape. Amy’s most striking qualities as a mom (effortlessly cool and truly passionate) are the very same things that define the Tibi woman, making her downright irresistible.

Gabriel, twelve, Charlie, nine, February 2013