Shortly after becoming a mom to daughter Charlie Grey, Ariane Goldman had a light bulb moment. She realized there were no maternity clothing lines that appealed to the way women really want to dress. As an already-established entrepreneur, she decided to create something entirely new. Hatch was born. Her unique approach centers around the genius idea that your most treasured pieces of clothing should be able to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. Three years later, Goldman is in expansion mode—not only is Hatch growing by leaps and bounds (its most recent milestone is a beautifully curated pop-up shop in Los Angeles, where many of its stylish mommy devotees like Gwen Stefani and Emily Blunt live), but her own brood is about to become a family of four, with baby number two on the way late next year. Despite the dizzying pace of owning a growing business, Goldman embraces her role as a working mom with positivity and lots of energy. Her philosophy is simple: “I do what I love by day, then come home and spend time with the ones I love by night.”

Charlie Grey, three, May 2014