Like millions of people around the world, we felt like we were already friends with Arielle Charnas before ever having met her in real life. As the founder of wildly popular personal style blog and fashion brand Something Navy, Arielle has created an intimate relationship with her followers, which has only intensified since she became a mom 21 months ago. Through the humorous, honest, and often addictive glimpses she shares of her life as a mom, she has been able to reveal a new, deeply authentic side of herself that is at once inspiring and relatable. The last few months have been especially life changing for Arielle, who recently introduced her first ever clothing and accessories collection exclusively for Nordstrom, breaking records and reaching $1 million in sales in less than 24 hours, and just this week she announced she’s expecting baby number 2 in June 2018. While it’s easy to assume that this powerhouse mama and entrepreneur has it all together and that life is exactly as it appears in her gorgeous Instagram photos, she’ll be the first to tell you that balance is a myth. As she explains, “I wish there was a really good answer for this but I don’t think there ever really is an actual balance. I try my best every day but it’s challenging. The guilt is something I feel I’ll always have to deal with.” Here, Arielle shows us around her new Manhattan apartment and shares her thoughts on beauty, birth, and the boundaries she’s learning to create surrounding social media.