Calgary’s photos are from our first book—The Glow, An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at some of our favorite outtakes from New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, London, and Paris.

With her perfectly highlighted blond hair, mile-long legs, and to-die-for wardrobe, health and fitness expert Calgary Avansino looks like the definition of effortless chic. But after spending five minutes with her, what becomes more striking than her seeming perfection is her humorous and endearingly sweet approach to motherhood. On the afternoon of our shoot, Avansino was getting ready for an event that evening, while cooking her daughters a healthy dinner and letting them pick out her outfit for the night (they decided on a classic Michael Kors striped dress). At the core, she’s a devoted mom determined to show her girls that hard work pays off.

Ava Harlow, seven, Margot Rae, three