The subversive appeal of designer Christina Hutson can easily be traced back to 2007 when she and her husband, Swaim, re-launched his irreverent, and impeccably tailored, collection Obedient Sons. Critical and retail success came naturally, and the couple decided to introduce a tomboyish collection for women aptly called Daughters (the masculine/feminine suits from their Spring 2009 collection are still a source of longing for many a fashion lover). Devoted fans, and a CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund nomination followed. The prolific duo went on to launch Hutson, a well-received line of men’s and women’s wares, handmade in New York. Four years and two kids later, Christina now consults for brands like Pink by Victoria’s Secret, and, lucky for us all, is toying with the idea of a kids’ line. After outgrowing their downtown Manhattan loft, the young family recently decamped to Brooklyn, where they now live in an early 19th century brownstone along with their 11-year old Chihuahua, Mr. Mookie, and a temperamental cat named George.

Lowe, five, and Valentine, two-and-a-half, January 2012