Clare Vivier’s namesake line of minimal-chic accessories have gained a fiercely devoted following thanks to her desire to stay true to what women really want—quality, versatility, and a touch of je ne sais quoi. Her irreverent approach extends beyond bags to her home décor, personal style, and even her son’s unexpected fashion choices. The bilingual ten-year-old (Vivier met her Parisian husband while living abroad) has a penchant for pairing slightly cropped khakis with classic white t-shirts and chunky, shrunken sweaters. The result: A look that’s unique and playful while still delivering on comfort. While Vivier admits that she has heavily influenced her son’s cool look, she also realizes that “he has a strong sense of style, and little flourishes of his own.” Clearly, she’s taught him well.

Oscar, nine, June 2013