By day, power stylist Elizabeth Stewart can be found dressing some of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses and consulting for megabrands like H&M and Amazon. Despite traveling the world for work—Stockholm, London, New York, then back to London just in the last few months—Stewart’s heart is always in Santa Monica with her teenage daughter and preteen son. With their hectic schedules, her days can switch from glamorous fittings with Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried (both of whom she is dressing for this weekend’s Golden Globes), to playing the role of cheerleader at high school volleyball games faster than you can say Balenciaga. In stark contrast is the at-home life she’s created with her husband, which is decidedly mellow and often centers around the kitchen (in between shots for this very shoot, Stewart was making matzo balls by hand for a dinner at Albert Brooks’ home later that evening). At the end of the day, her greatest accomplishment is that, “somehow I had something to do with bringing these amazing two people in the world.”

Ivy, thirteen, Ben, eleven, January 2013