There’s a lot to love about mama of two and stylist Elle Strauss—for starters, her warmth of spirit and charming disposition are infectious, and then there’s the British accent which makes everything she says sound 100 times sweeter. But what makes her most endearing to us is her complete and utter openness about the highs and lows of motherhood. She is the first to admit that life with two littles and a full-time job can feel more like a zoo than a perfectly curated Instagram photo might make you think. Life is about to get even wilder for the beloved stylist, who recently left her post as fashion director of Brides to pursue a full-time career as a stylist, and decided to give up her Brooklyn apartment, sell her upstate home and start a new life on the West coast. Here, she spends some quality time with her two girls, and shares her motherhood journey with us—from the five year age difference between her daughters to the childbirth advice she wish she’d been told.

This Mother’s Day, we are honored to collaborate with NYDJ to celebrate the beauty and power of motherhood. Take a peek inside the charming Brooklyn home of stylist Elle Strauss as she spends the day with her daughters, Honor and Imogen.