At home with … Alexa Wilding

Singer & sons | NYC

The inspiring mama shares her motherhood journey through pregnancy loss, surprise twins, and a cancer diagnosis, and how she came out stronger...

At home with … Taryn Toomey

Founder, The Class by Taryn Toomey & daughters | NYC

Long before we first met Taryn Toomey, we had heard all about the power of her self-created, much-loved, life-changing Class. According to her devoted...

At home with … Nicole Gonzalez

Founder, Lillies & León & kids | New York, NY

The blogger and full-time mama of two opens up about how she tries to soak in every moment, good and bad, and shows us...

At home with … Bee Shapiro

Editor, The New York Times & daughters | Brooklyn, NY

The mama of two and columnist for The New York Times opens up about juggling a full-time job, motherhood and a side-business...

At home with … Elle Strauss

Stylist & daughters | Brooklyn, NY

The mama of two shares her motherhood journey—from the five year age difference between her daughters to the childbirth advice she wish she’d been...

At home with … Jodie Snyder Morel

Co-Founder, DANNIJO & daughter | New York, NY

As one half of the sister-run accessories brand Dannijo, Jodie Snyder Morel went from new-to-New York college-graduate and fashion assistant to powerhouse entrepreneur and...

At home with … Monique Lhuillier

Designer, Monique Lhuillier & kids | Los Angeles, CA

The inspiring momtrepreneur shares her thoughts on childbirth, marriage, and incorporating her kids into her work...

At home with … Lindsey Bliss

Director, Carriage Birth House & kids | Queens, NY

The mama of seven shares her thoughts on getting pregnant with twins (twice!), home birth versus hospital birth, and balancing motherhood and marriage...

At home with … Stefania Allen

Co-Founder, Editorialist & kids | New York, NY

The mother of two boys and Editorialist Magazine co-founder welcomes us into her bright, happy home and shares her unexpected path to motherhood...

At home with … Kate Davidson Hudson

Co-Founder, Editorialist & kids | New York, NY

The influential editor-turned-entrepreneur shows us around her airy apartment and reveals her journey to motherhood, unexpected first birth experience, and how the finds balance...

At home with … Melia Marden

Designer & son | New York, NY

The chef and mother gives us a tour of her colorful, eclectic townhouse, and shares her thoughts on expanding her family...

At home with … Lingua Franca x The Glow | Sai De Silva

Entrepreneur & daughter | Brooklyn, NY

Dynamic mama and Scout Fashion founder opens up about navigating the challenges of social media, and why she thought she was "one and done"...

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