Though born and raised in California, Jennifer Fisher is a true New Yorker at heart. The fashion stylist-turned-CFDA-nominated jewelry designer has most-certainly earned her badass spirit. At just 27, she was diagnosed with an estrogen-driven tumor and told she would have to undergo chemotherapy and may never be able to carry a child. Fisher and her husband tried unsuccessfully for years to conceive via surrogacy and IVF. After taking a break from trying, she became pregnant naturally. Shane, a healthy baby boy, was born in March 2005. Then, just six months later, Fisher found out she was pregnant again. As a new mom, she was eager to find jewelry she could wear to represent her children, while also staying true to her edgy style, so she created her very own letter-stamped necklaces. Friends took notice and soon, orders from major retailers started pouring in. Thriving business, healthy kids, loving husband, a soon-to-be new home, and the coveted Vogue nomination—this is Jennifer Fisher’s time to shine.

Shane, seven, Drew, five, October 2012