Though she hails from New Jersey, singer Jessie Baylin oozes pure Southern charm. From the second you step into her cozy condo (a temporary abode while her 5,000-square-foot dream home was being built), you’re enveloped in a feeling of calm, thanks in part to the flickering candlelight and Billie Holiday wafting from the speakers. Baylin’s affable spirit and “girl’s girl” sensibility only add to the home’s laid-back vibe. She and husband Nathan Followill, drummer for Kings of Leon, have an equally laid-back approach to parenting. We caught up with them just five weeks after their daughter, Violet Marlowe, came into the world, and Baylin was already spilling over with words of mommy wisdom—from lessons learned from the unexpected turn her birth plan took to the delicate process of easing into her new life as a rock-star mom.

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