Josie Maran burst onto the modeling scene at the tender age of 12, and was working full-time by 17. Supermodel status followed thanks to a decade-long Maybelline contract, countless magazine covers, and appearances in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Little did the world know that Maran’s biggest career accomplishments were still to come. While pregnant with her first child, the eco-conscious mom-to-be realized she couldn’t find “healthy makeup that was good enough for a makeup artist.” True to her trailblazer-spirit, she created it herself. Six years later, Josie Maran Cosmetics has become the go-to eco-beauty brand. Maran’s love of nature influences every aspect of her life—she delivered daughter Rumi in the lavender-filled field of their Laurel Canyon family compound and plans to give birth to her second child, due next month, at the Pennsylvania farmhouse they’ve decamped to for the summer. It’s all about balance for this earth mother, though in some cases, Maran admits, extremes win out, “I’m either in 4-inch heels or barefoot.”Rumi, 5 and a half, April 2012