Her mother, Carine Roitfeld, may be a fashion icon and one of the most influential stylists in the world, but Julia Restoin Roitfeld has carved a unique role all her own. Since becoming a mama to daughter Romy four years ago, she has transformed from a model and creative director into a momtrepreneur by launching her beautiful site, Romy and the Bunnies. The Parisian transplant now calls New York come and has created a dynamic and unique life for her sweet daughter. Roitfeld has embraced motherhood with an intensity and passion that is apparent the second you step into her airy apartment. The decidedly adult home (complete with glass dining table and bold art) is beautifully contrasted by a plethora of Romy’s favorite stuffed animals and the constant presence of music and dancing. While their life might seem picture perfect from the outside, Julia is the first to admit that juggling a bustling career with raising a daughter in New York City, far from family, is a major challenge, but one she works on everyday in order to show her daughter that hard work pays off.