At first glance, the similarities between actress Julie Bowen and her TV alter ego, Claire Dunphy on America’s favorite sitcom Modern Family, seem uncanny. Both have three children, high-energy, and a dry, sarcastic wit. After spending time with the real life super mom, it quickly becomes clear that the similarities end there. While Claire’s approach to motherhood airs on the side of overbearing, Julie’s MO is much more mellow. In her elegant yet laid-back Los Angeles home, she finds true happiness in being a mom to her rambunctious blond-hair beauties. With her hectic work schedule, it’s no surprise that Bowen’s approach to beauty is all about ease and speed–spending time with her boys wins out over pampering any day. The result? Manicures and pedicures fall by the wayside in favor of digging in the dirt and jumping in the pool. For Bowen, being a mom is quite simply “what it’s all about.”