For Laetitia Maklouf, the principles of motherhood and gardening go hand in hand. The ethereal plant enthusiast and book author (often referred to as the Nigella Lawson of gardening) describes the striking similarities: “Nurturing a garden is very much like bringing up a child; you try to give the plants what they need in order to thrive, but only they can do the growing.” With her poetic approach to plants, it’s no surprise that she was immediately drawn to the lush and sprawling outdoor space of the London townhouse she shares with her husband and daughter. Upon moving in, this soon-to-be mom of two quickly set about planting a wild mix of sentimental flowers—like fragrant lilacs which bloom in May, the same month Jemima was born. This multi-tasking mama finds beauty in life’s simplest pleasures, and admits that her proudest moment so far as a mom was when her little girl “pointed to a tree and said ‘magnolia!'”

Jemina, four, April 2013