From our very first photo shoots six years ago, we became instantly obsessed with the uniquely curated spaces each mom created for her little ones. Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with and been endlessly inspired by the way these rooms combine warmth and happiness with sophistication and longevity. Designing a room to bring our babies home to, or a new space to reflect our children’s growing needs is one of the most fun and personal parts of being a mama. With our new feature, DECOR STORIES, we are doing a deep dive into the design process each woman went through when dreaming up her kid’s thoughtfully put together space. Here, we shop out key pieces, while sharing an in-depth conversation with the woman behind the room, including her hand-picked favorite decor finds so you can recreate the look for yourself.

WHO: Molly Guy, creative director and founder of our favorite anti-establishment wedding brand, Stone Fox Bride, and executive weddings editor for Domino.

WHAT: Her girls’ delightfully colorful, eclectic, and functional shared bedroom. Here, Molly shares the story behind Sunny and Coco’s happy space and selects the 13 pieces she’s loving right now.

Molly’s Story…

THE GLOW: How did you make the decision to have your girls share a room?

MOLLY GUY: “HA! The decision was made for me almost twenty years ago when I moved to NYC fresh from college instead of joining the Peace Corp, and began the slow, creeping process of sacrificing personal space and sanity in exchange for a 212 area code. I don’t think living in a three bedroom apartment was ever in the cards for me! I remember years ago one broker saying that “A three bedroom in Brooklyn was as rare as a unicorn…”

TG: How much of a DIY/crafty mom are you?

MG: “I hate all things DIY! Seriously. I never learned to knit or sew or weave or tuft or decoupage or needlepoint, no way, no how. I would much rather read a book or take a walk or do a little writing instead. I have no patience for crafts and am the queen of outsourcing everything!”

TG: How would you describe your home decor style?

MG: “Colorful, cozy, minimal (kind of). The more pillows and blankets, the better!”

TG: Do you feel like decorating comes easily/naturally to you?

MG: “I definitely love interiors and furniture and hanging out at home — I’m also crazy obsessive when it comes to finding collectible furniture items at bargain prices. Literally, my idea of a dream day would involve renting a UHAUL and driving out to some obscure Jersey warehouse in search of a teak Hans Wegner daybed I found on Craigslist.”

TG: What are the most meaningful pieces within the room?

MG: “I’m really attached to this small embroidered Indian elephant from Jaipur — I used to have it in my bedroom when I was their age.”

TG: We love the way you incorporate the girls’ art onto the walls — is this an ever-growing assortment that changes regularly?

MG: “I think it’s nice for kids to have family pictures up around the house. I always try to get a new batch printed every few months so I can tape some fresh ones to the walls. They usually get ripped off in a few weeks anyway.”

TG: What is Sunny’s favorite part of the room? And what is Coco’s?

MG: “Coco loves to pretend to nibble sweet-peas off the wallpaper. Sunny is obsessed with her princess dresses and dollhouse.”

TG: How did you find that gorgeous Nathalie Lété  wallpaper?

MG: “My friend Suzie Kondi introduced it to me! I first saw it in her daughter Stevie’s room and fell in love.”

TG: With two daughters under the age of five, how do you deal with the inevitable clutter that builds up in kids’ rooms?

MG: “I try to give stuff away at least once a month to minimize the amount of crap in their play-space. They don’t need that much — blocks, fabrics, crayons, etc — I think it’s better for kids to engage in imaginative play using minimal objects, anyway. Forces them to get creative.”