About The Glow

The Glow is an intimate and honest diary of motherhood: the beauty, the struggles, the magic and all. When we created the site back in 2011, our hope was to reveal a raw, honest side of motherhood we felt was missing from the narrative. At the time, we set out to begin a dialogue about the beautiful, messy, transformative path that we as women go through as we navigate our journeys as mothers. Through intimate photography and interviews, we’ve covered some of the most profound motherhood challenges and triumphs, while creating a supportive community along the way. Six years later, we are deepening the conversation with our new features, which explore everything from nursery decor ideas and genius mama-to-mama tips, to intimate first person essays on topics close to our hearts like childbirth, nursing, postpartum depression, and self-care, written by some of the most inspiring mamas we know. By shining a light on the honest side of motherhood, we are able to truly support and learn from each other on this wild ride called motherhood.

In the words of Maya Angelou: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

About Violet

Hi, I’m Violet, co-founder and editorial director of The Glow. At age 22, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of working in the fashion industry when I got my first job as an editor. After 15 years of writing, editing, styling, and traveling around the world working at brands like Lucky, Elle, and InStyle, I took the biggest leap of my career by leaving fashion to work full-time on my passion project, The Glow. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always imagined myself as a mother (yes, I was that girl who had all her baby names picked out by age five). In 2013, I was lucky enough to welcome my sweet daughter Plum Lillian into the world. You know those moms who volunteer to be class mom and make those adorable chalk-board signs for the first day of school that list their child’s favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up, and who always remember to fill out all the forms before school starts? In my pre-baby fantasies, I was this mom, but three years into motherhood and I think it’s time to admit that I am not her. She is not me. I am the mom who lets my daughter eat ice cream before dinner because who really cares as long as she’s healthy. I am the mom who apologizes immediately if I’ve lost my temper. And I’m most certainly the mom who tries to show Plum that there is humor in everything. Every so often I remember a line from Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar speech (weird, I know). She quoted June Carter Cash, who said “I’m just trying to matter.” Reese added “I know what she means, you know. I’m just trying to matter and live a good life…” As a mom who is trying to run a business, trying to be a good friend, trying to be a supportive daughter and sister, and a present, patient, wife and mother, it’s exhausting at times. Some days it just feels nearly impossible to be average, let alone good. Some days I have to hide in the bathroom and whisper to myself, “deep breaths”. In the age of Instagram, it’s harder than ever to gain perspective and it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. I wish my whole life looked like it does in those little squares but the truth is, my home is often messy, I wear the same bra way too many days in a row, and I’d rather have a week old blowout than wash and dry my own hair. The good thing is, Plum couldn’t care less. I think the essence of motherhood is trying. And as Oprah once said “When you know better…you do better.” As co-founders of The Glow, it is our mission to share the most intimate and inspiring motherhood journeys with you, in the hopes that through sharing our stories, we all can get a little closer to living our most meaningful and truthful lives… xo, Violet Gaynor, Co-Founder, Writer, and Editorial Director, of The Glow

About Kelly

I was not a mother yet when we co-founded The Glow, and my husband wasn’t my husband yet, but connecting with the mothers we were featuring was easy. To me, our exploration of motherhood was a looking glass, allowing me a glimpse of the amazing things waiting for me in the next phase of my life. I was excited and eager and I could not wait. I knew that motherhood would be my ultimate joy, and it seemed that it was there for the taking. My journey to becoming a mother, however, was difficult. My husband and I didn’t waste time and began trying immediately after our wedding three years ago.  For a brief moment our dream as hopeful parents seemed to be coming true with our first pregnancy. But weeks later, our hearts broke when it became clear that our pregnancy was not viable. The years to follow were nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. During this time, I lived in a constant state of fragility. My heart cracked open with equal parts optimism and fear as the weeks, months and years passed us by. I would attend each fertility appointment with the hope that it would be our last appointment. I embraced each injection and procedure with the hope it would be the answer to our prayers. In one way The Glow was still a source of inspiration, but in another way it became a glimpse of a dream that seemed to be slipping away. During this time I turned to prayer and held on to our wish of becoming parents with all of my being. We underwent years of infertility treatment, and suffered more heartbreaking loss.  We endured multiple rounds of IVF, which gratefully led us to our baby girl, Eleanor Grace. Today my heart is full, however it is still healing from our journey here. Ella has helped me to find my life’s true purpose and her love has given me hope once again. Rediscovering life through her eyes has allowed me to slow down and focus on the tiniest of wonders. For me, this process has taught me that life is a gift worth the long and meaningful journey. I’ll never forget the day we heard Ella’s heartbeat for the first time. These are the heartbeats that we now share our life with, the heartbeats we kiss everyday while thanking our lucky stars that she chose us, and hold every time we reminisce on our path here.

Every photograph I create is a reflection of some piece of me, whether it’s a landscape, a bloom, our home, my family or the families that you see on our site.  My deep love and admiration for photography started when I was young. Twentythree years later, it is still woven through my soul and is my therapeutic outlet. Graduating in 2001 with a BFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts, I started the professional experience of my dreams. I worked as an online Photo Director for fifteen years on brands that were near and dear to my heart including Maxim, Elle, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Veranda, Town & Country, and Harper’s Bazaar. For as long as I can remember, I would shoot and light my subjects against the traditional teachings of photography.  In doing this, I pushed my own creative boundaries and developed a visual voice that naturally complements our exploration of motherhood…  x Kelly Stuart, Co-Founder, Photographer & Creative Director of The Glow

Co-founded in January 2011

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