Alana Varel, co-founder of fashion mega PR and casting agency Starworks Group, went into business with her husband in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since. Over a decade later, much has changed for the husband and wife duo—their company has grown to include offices in Los Angeles and London, they are about to turn a sprawling TriBeCa loft into their family home, and, any day now, they will welcome their third daughter into the world. The home life Alana and James have created for their daughters is a the definition of high energy—at any given moment, their youngest daughter is singing Adele karaoke, while their eldest is practicing her gymnastics moves in the middle of the living room. As a soon-to-be mom of three, Alana embraces the chaos and relishes their precious moments all together as a family, especially in the morning, “when everyone has just woken up and is in a good mood. Delilah yells cock a doodle do, and Ava Lily comes in and gives us all cuddles.”

Ava Lily, 8, Delilah, 2, December 2012