Anyone who has spent even just five minutes scrolling through Eden’s Instagram knows that she has the unique ability to be raw, open, and completely vulnerable about her motherhood journey, while somehow managing to make us laugh until we cry, and teaching us to cook along the way. We were first introduced to this new mama when she was pregnant with her sweet daughter, Ayv (rhymes with wave), and were instantly enamored with her hilarious belly shots accessorized with piles of food–everything from pasta and pizza to donuts and candy. But what really won us over was the moment back in late 2017 when she posted a video of herself doing the robot dance in her sweatpants, while pumping (and wearing that oh-so-attractive hands-free bra). The video, entitled the #pumpdance, instantly went viral and gave thousands of women the chance to see themselves in Eden. A chance for women to look at something that can feel tedious, boring, even painful, and turn it into what felt like a laugh-fest with your best friend. Therein lies one of Eden’s most compelling qualities–her willingness to lay it all out there in the name of connecting with other women. As a classically trained chef and TV host, Eden is about to embark on her boldest career move yet—in 2018 she will open her first restaurant, Dez, a fast, casual destination for Middle Eastern food. Here, the refreshingly open new mama opens up about her first few months of motherhood—from her birth story (“the epidural was my bff”) to her breastfeeding struggles (“I was so surprised that no one warned me about the pain and discomfort”)—all with her signature humor and honesty.