There’s a calm confidence that comes across the second you meet mama of two Emma Heming Willis. Within a few minutes in her presence, one thing becomes perfectly clear: she was born to be a mother. Not only is she strikingly beautiful and graceful, but there’s also a warmth of spirit that makes you feel instantly taken care of. At just 15 years old, Emma embarked on a modeling career that would turn into a 17 year journey, teaching her the ins and outs of managing a business. It was a combination between her experience as a successful model and the profound transformation she went through after becoming a mom that inspired her to create CocoBaba, a vegan skincare line based on natural coconut oil. Raised by a strong single mother, Emma’s work ethic and perseverance are unwavering. In her current role as mother, stepmother, entrepreneur, and wife, this inspiring mama has learned through trial and error what works best for her family, but in her signature honesty, admits that she still “struggles with balance constantly.” Here, she shows us around her dreamy home, and opens up about everything from her unexpected path to motherhood to why she and her husband make such a good team.