Gigi’s Guerra‘s dynamic career is what fashion dreams are made of. In a fickle, often cutthroat industry, she has not only experienced long-term success, but she’s also had a unique hand in shaping some of our favorite brands. After years at Lucky, Gigi went on to be part of the launch team at Madewell. In her current role as the director of curation for collaborations at Target, she is responsible for some of the coolest fashion collaborations of the past several years (think Victoria Beckham and Lilly Pulitzer for Target). After years of building her covetable career, Gigi decided it was time to begin the next phase of her life. While the path to parenthood was not what she expected, Gigi is now a proud mama of two beautiful boys. Years before having children, Gigi received an unexpected piece of advice from her mother which shaped her own unique journey. She told her daughter at the time, “Don’t ever feel pressure to have children.” As Gigi understood it, her mom was inferring: “live your life on your own terms and do what you want when you’re ready.” That one simple sentence guided Gigi through her 20s and 30s — from career milestones to traveling the world. The now mama of twin boys (surprise!) credits her mom’s powerful piece of life advice as the driving force which empowered her “to take the time I needed to build a career, travel and do ‘me’ things before I had children. Which ultimately allowed me to be a better mother when the time finally came.” Here, the beautifully open and honest twin mama shares her motherhood journey with us—from her challenges getting pregnant and dramatic third trimester to why she has given up on trying to find balance as a working mother of two.