WHO: Dannijo co-founder and mama of two Jodie Snyder Morel.

WHAT: The second we walked into the girly yet grownup room that Jodie created for her daughter, Margaux, we were completely smitten with every detail—from the oversize swan hanging over the changing table to the neon-inflected Moroccan rug. Ever since, we have wanted to do a deep dive into Jodie’s process. Here, we sit down with new mama of two (son Liev entered the world four months ago) and find out all of her design secrets and top picks for recreating this space for yourself (with a majority of the pieces coming in at under $100).

Jodie’s Story…

THE GLOW: How did you decide on the look for Margaux’s room? 

JODIE SNYDER MOREL: “I had a vision for what I wanted Margaux’s room to look like. Decorating her room was easier than the other rooms in our apartment. It was fun being a kid again and picking out pieces that I loved and she could grow up with instead of making it too nursery feeling. There are so many amazing options for kids and I wanted to find the balance of it feeling cozy and magical but also not a traditional kid’s room. I stuck with a neutral palette of whites, greys and soft pinks. I like it so much I’m ready to move in.”

TG: What was the first big purchase you made for the room? 

JSM: “I bought the crib first. I loved the Kalon raw wood crib and ordered it before I bought anything else for the room.”

TG: What was the hardest part about designing the room?

JSM: “It’s New York so I had to deal with the space. Margaux’s room is a good size but after you put the crib, rocking chair, changing table and extra bed in, there isn’t much room left for anything else. I wanted the room to have a nice flow and to have an open space in the middle that she could play in.”

TG: What are your very favorite, most meaningful pieces within the room?

JSM: “I love the memory board we started making when Margaux was born. We update it with photos and mementos from every trip we go on and special occasions. It started with Margaux’s birth announcement in the center and we keep adding photos, special cards, art projects, cute pins and anything else we find on our travels. I love looking at it and seeing all the places she’s been and how much she’s grown over the last two and a half years.”

TG: How did you balance your desire to fill the room with cool/unique pieces vs. items that Margaux really loves?

JSM: “When I designed the room, Margaux didn’t have much of an opinion since she couldn’t say much but as soon as she started talking she has an opinion on everything. She loves fun girly pieces and pink so we tend to gravitate towards the same things, but of course she likes Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney characters a bit more than I do so it’s about finding the balance between what I love and what she loves. It’s her room so I want it to be her happy place filled with things that she’s excited about. I’m pretty easy going and we add and adjust as she goes through different phases.”

TG: Where do you recommend saving vs. splurging?

JSM: “I recommend splurging on a few pieces that make the room special and unique—usually art. I love the Tamar Mogendorff pieces for the wall and the Kalon crib. It’s amazing what you can find these days without having to splurge, so I like to save on as much as possible but tend to splurge when I find something very special and unique that I think will elevate the room and make everything else look better.”

TG: How much of a DIY/crafty mom are you?

JSM: “I don’t know how DIY I am but I love creating special things in Margaux’s room that feel unique to her. We not only add photos to her memory board but make liberty fabric bows and bracelets and other fun pieces to decorate it. She has a large poster board on one wall that we color and create on which is fun to add our personal touch to her room. I love pillows and Jess Brown dolls and have a fun assortment of them on the extra bed in her room that we love to get cozy on and read books together.”