June’s photos are from our first book—The Glow, An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at some of our favorite outtakes from New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, London, and Paris.

To understand June Ambrose’s style, all you need to know is this: Upon the birth of her first child, she commemorated the occasion by buying herself a Birkin bag, which she then used in lieu of a diaper bag. Her style staples—oversize sunglasses, caftans, and Hermès scarves—are a throwback to glamorous icons of the sixties and seventies. While her day job as a stylist and TV personality keeps her plenty busy, it is her cozy home life with her two adorable (and wildly well-mannered) kids that truly grounds her. Through motherhood, Ambrose has “discovered a side of myself I never knew existed.”

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