When we first met Kate Davidson Hudson, she was the newly appointed accessories director of Elle, and had recently married her college sweetheart (they met while attending George Washington University, from which she graduated magna cum laude). During her tenure as one of the most influential editors in the world of accessories, Kate became just as well known for her highly documented street style looks as she did for her kindness and warmth. After becoming a mother five years ago, Kate began to brainstorm with her friend, and former editor, Stefania Allen about ways they could transform the way women interact with and shop for accessories. The idea for Editorialist was born, and the rest is history. As a full time entrepreneur and a full time mother of two, Kate’s work-life balance is challenging at times, but during those especially hectic moments when the lines between work and motherhood are blurred, she reminds herself that “There’s something to be said for being fulfilled in my life outside of mommy-don, and the positive effects that can have on how I parent. I truly believe that a happy, fulfilled mother will be the best mother; and, I am working every day to show my kids that sense of happiness and fulfillment so they, too, can model those ideals in their adult lives.”