Kelly Sawyer Patricof’s Malibu home gives off a happy vibe the moment you walk in. First, there’s the laid-back, whitewashed decor filled with personal family keepsakes and an impressive collection of beach rocks. Then there’s the energy that permeates the space—Kelly and her two daughters move throughout the indoor/outdoor home with an air of lightness and a genuine (and infectious) feeling of contentment to be together, far away from the busyness of their day-to-day lives in Los Angeles. Born in London and raised in Vancouver, Kelly moved to New York at 18 as a model but ultimately ended up on the West coast after meeting her husband, renowned film producer Jamie Patricof. It was there that, after years of volunteering, she decided to co-found a non-profit called Baby2Baby with friend Norah Weinstein, which now serves hundreds of thousands of children in need, distributing millions of necessities—from clothing and shoes to books and diapers. As a mother of two, wife, friend, and entrepreneur, Kelly has come to an honest (and simple) conclusion about the endless balancing act; a sentiment we can all relate to and embrace in our own lives: “One day I feel like I’m not spending enough time with my kids, the next I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on something at the office. I’ve come to a place where I’ve relaxed a little and realized that I can only do so much and I just try and do what I can.” Amen.