Just after arriving in New York as a wide-eyed 15 year-old, Leilani Bishop landed her very first magazine cover. Her tanned skin, sun-kissed hair, and athletic figure came to define a generation of models. The Hawaiian beauty, who fittingly was discovered on the beach, hasn’t stopped working since. Countless magazine covers followed, as well as ad campaigns, and that iconic album cover of Hole’s Live Through This. A Hawaii girl at heart, she moved back to Kauai when her son was born, and lived blissfully for his first few years of life, creating the nonprofit, Women for the World, in her spare time. The happy family now resides in the sleepy seaside town of Amagansett, where daily walks to school and year-round surfing serve as constant reminders of Kauai. With her newly launched fragrance line, a collection of intoxicating single-note scents, Bishop is busier than ever.

Cassius, nine, July 2012