As a mother of seven (yes, you read that right), mama and doula Lindsey Bliss has devoted her life to the magical roller coaster that is motherhood and birthing babies. As the Director of Carriage House Birth, a Brooklyn-based doula collective, Lindsey splits her time between caring for her six children (her oldest, step-daughter Bella, is 21), and guiding mamas through their own transformative journeys. Lindsey’s own path to motherhood has been filled with twists and turns she never could have planned for, and is still a little in shock about. To start with, her first pregnancy at 26 years old came as a huge surprise. As Lindsey told us, “It ended up being one of the best things that has ever happened to me.” Two years later, Lindsey and her husband decided they wanted to try for another baby, and, much to their surprise, at a routine appointment they found out they were expecting twins. You may be thinking that the baby surprises ended there, but you would be wrong. Lindsey’s next pregnancy (unplanned) turned out to be another set of twins (yes, really). With three pregnancies, and six children in tow, Lindsey considered herself done, but the universe had another plan for her family. Her final surprise, Olympia Pearl, entered the world one year ago and completed the Bliss family in the most beautiful way. Here, Lindsey invites us into her home, and shares her thoughts on home birth versus hospital birth, balancing marriage after seven kids, and how she slows down amidst the chaos of motherhood.

Lindsey at home with Mia Josephine, 10, Birdie Elaine and Hazel Marilyn, 7, Luke Steven and Rocco Leroy, 5, and baby Olympia Pearl, now 1