As moms, we learn almost immediately that life is rarely as perfect or simple as it appears in the little squares we present to the world on Instagram. Mama and Elle Accessories Director Maria Dueñas Jacobs never expected that her path to motherhood would be filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. In our latest feature, Maria opens up about her road to becoming a mother of three under three. As a young, healthy, happily married 28 year-old with a plan in place for how life should unfold, she was faced with her first adult reality check. After getting pregnant for the first time easily, she suffered a devastating loss at three months along. Her shock and sadness lead to confusion and anger that no one had warned her and that miscarriage was still a topic shrouded in secrecy and shame. As Maria explains, “It was such heartbreak but ultimately made me so appreciative when a year and a half later I got pregnant again“. After welcoming beautiful Luna in 2013, expanding her family was a top priority but Maria experienced another unexpected chapter in her story when she was faced with a second pregnancy loss. Soon after, she got pregnant again which lead to the surprise of a lifetime: twins! As Maria explained to us, “I want women who read my post to understand that everyone’s journey towards motherhood and starting a family is different and not always so perfect. Sometimes it’s complicated and unexpected (as mine was). I’m not ashamed of my losses especially now that I’ve come out of them stronger and with three loves of my life.” Here, Maria shares her beautifully honest, heartbreaking story of strength, resilience, and endless love.

Maria at home with Luna, almost three, Silvi and Isa, nearly six months, and Frankie the cat