When Kelly Stuart, The Glow’s very own co-founder, was pregnant with her sweet daughter Ella, she had already been immersed in the world of mama and babies for years. She also has a magic design touch that translates into the most cozy, thoughtfully curated, rustic yet elegant Westchester home. When it came time to welcome her daughter into the world, Kelly had a clear idea of the types of pieces she wanted to incorporate into her little one’s life, that would be highly functional while maintaining the overall look and feel of her home decor. Her shopping process combined two key elements—extensive research and sustainable design, often with a handmade quality. The result is a home filled with thoughtfully-selected, minimal, and above all, useful necessities and accessories for her soon-to-be eight-month old. Here, Kelly shares her top 24 new-baby must-haves, and the reason why each and every piece on this list has been indispensable to her as a new mom.

Kelly’s Baby Gear Philosophy:

THE GLOW: While you were pregnant, did you have a defined approach in mind for how you would deal with purchasing baby items?

KELLY STUART: “I admittedly spend too much time researching (this goes for almost every area in my life) but purchasing smart is very important to me. I’d rather spend the time to know my options and spend a little more on purchasing quality pieces that can grow with Ella (and hopefully a little brother and/or sister one day)!”

TG: What are your tips to other new moms in terms of buying thoughtfully and strategically for their babies?

KS: “Go with your gut; don’t conform to the usual and don’t be afraid to live without certain things. I feel like I’m constantly saying to our family ‘No, thank you I don’t think we need that.’ Sometimes I’m wrong but a lot of the time we do fine without! Do what works for you. Having a cluttered home really weighs on me and gives me anxiety. Being able to shed some of the stuff allows me to stay organized and breath easy.”

TG: How would you describe your home decor aesthetic?

KS: “Rustic elegance with a country flare. We live in a 200 year old farmhouse that we have been lovingly renovating and restoring since purchasing it four years ago. I greatly appreciate its historic charm being that my husband and I are avid antiquers. Our home is full of refurbished wood, and vintage treasures we picked up throughout years of traveling and living. I love that one’s home is the story of their life and I love that our collectibles tell that story.”

TG: As any new mom can relate to, baby stuff can easily take over your home in the beginning—how have you managed to keep the “stuff” to a minimum?

KS: “It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of things we ‘think’ we need for a new baby. But less is certainly more. For me, it’s important that she actually uses and appreciates her stuff.”

TG: What was the biggest baby-gear-buying mistake you made early on?

KS: “I think my biggest mistake was not having an open mind when it came to certain learning toys. Close family and friends would often joke that Ella would only have earth-toned, wooden toys to play with. Admittedly, early on I swore off large flashy, plastic toys by not giving them a chance. Some of Ella’s favorite toys are ones I never thought we’d have.”

TG: You have a very specific (and beautiful) color palette in your home, including the baby gear—do you plan to stick to this as Ella gets older?

KS: “I’ve always been attracted to natural textiles and earthy decor. Having a love for nature, and I invite the outside in as much as I can. I think this color palette will always carry out in the spaces we design and in the items we purchase for Ella, until she is old enough to pick out her own stuff. Although, I do hope she shares the same appreciation for refurbished materials and vintage keepsakes.”