From the moment we first met Sai De Silva two years ago, we were instantly won over by her honesty, humor, and authenticity. She is a woman who means what she says and says what she means. She’s a girl’s girl and a total tomboy, all mixed into one tiny package. It’s safe to say we were instantly smitten. As a working mother to daughter London (with a baby boy on the way this spring!) Sai is busier than ever developing her distinct, beautifully curated brand, Scout the City. The unique, tightly woven bond between mother and daughter, which allows them to spend quality time together even as Sai works, is something this mama does not take for granted. Because of their closeness, and dynamic lifestyle which brings them all over the world, Sai thought she would be “one and done” in the kids department. But this year has taught her to never say never. The soon-to-be-mom-of-two is just as honest about the highs of motherhood as she is about the lows. Here, Sai shows us around her Brooklyn home, and opens up about the transformation she went through when she became a mama, growing pains and all: “It was really important for me to find a balance so I wouldn’t resent motherhood. I never wanted to feel like I missed out on life because I became a mom. Instead, I enhanced my life and am making this the best chapter of my life.”