The second you walk into Samira Nasr‘s Brooklyn home, a feeling of calm instantly washes over you, which is both surprising and impressive given that an almost-three year-old lives there. As the Fashion Director for Elle magazine, she seems to skillfully manage her time between traveling around the world styling photo shoots and being a devoted, hands-on mama. Which begs the question: How does she do it? The down-to-earth mom is the first to admit that she wishes she “knew the secret.” While the work/motherhood balance is a daily challenge, she has learned to manage her screen time, which in turn allows her to be fully present with her son from the second she walks in the door until the moment his head hits the pillow. Nasr always knew she wanted to be a mother, and, she describes getting to a place in her life where she “felt ready but was still waiting to find my partner. Was I supposed to give up on being a mom because I couldn’t find that person? I decided to build the life I have always wanted.” The rest, as they say, is history. When asked to share the best part of motherhood, her answer is simple: “I get to be Lex Nasr’s mom and it is the greatest gift.”