At first glance, entrepreneur Stefania Allen looks like the picture perfect mom. After spending five minutes with the mother of two boys, it quickly becomes clear that her honesty and authenticity defines her more than any preconceived notion of perfection. Behind her warm, charming personality is a powerhouse business woman who, along with her partner Kate Davidson Hudson (look out for her feature next), has changed the landscape of the digital accessories world. In 2013, after spending years as an accessories editor at top fashion magazines, Stefania and Kate decided to take a huge leap of faith by leaving their high profile jobs and launching Editorialist, a sleek, inspiring online destination which merges e-commerce and editorial. Stefania approached her journey to becoming a mom with the same razor-sharp focus, but quickly learned that there is no way to perfectly plan out the sometimes-delicate path to pregnancy. After a failed (and life-threatening) attempt at IVF, she was lucky enough to get pregnant naturally. The blessing, and lesson, she learned from her experience changed the way she approaches everything in her life.