When we met Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride three years ago at our first shoot for The Glow, she was a new mama to then-fifteen-month old daughter Sunny, and living in a three story Brooklyn Brownstone filled with tapestries, teepees, and flower crowns. Fast forward to our most recent shoot, in collaboration with our friends at Stokke, when the landscape of Molly’s life as a woman, business person, and mother has changed dramatically. Her fashion start-up is thriving, complete with a book deal and collection of wedding dresses that exemplify the bohemian anti-bride aesthetic she has successfully cornered the market on. Then early last year, she welcomed her second daughter, Coco, into the world, adding more magic and mayhem into her life. One glance at Stone Fox Bride’s beautiful, often times hilarious, Instagram and it’s clear why Molly is so easy to fall in love with. Her fierce honesty about the intense highs and lows of being a working mama of two makes her instantly relatable. In both her parenting approach and her home decor, Molly gravitates towards honesty and authenticity, like her collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, gallery walls filled with sentimental family photos, and much-loved Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs, which she uses for everything from breakfast bonding time to art sessions. Here, we spend a delightfully calm afternoon with the Guy gals as they let us into their vibrant, laughter-filled life together.