We’ve been devoted fans of Ulla Johnson‘s unique brand of effortlessly cool, ethereal creations for years now, and it seems that lately, the whole world is catching on and has become as obsessed as we are. When she’s not creating pieces for her highly coveted collection (which is crafted using textiles mostly made by female artisans), the mom of three can be found spending time with her art dealer husband, two sons, and daughter in their historic Brooklyn neighborhood. Our very first thought upon entering the serene, carefully curated, pastel-hued home was “how is she able to keep her space so decidedly grown-up looking and seemingly free of kid stuff?”. Ulla’s answer is quite simple: “My husband and I don’t make a lot of concessions to kid friendly decor. I won’t say this doesn’t come with its challenges but with three kids you sort of have to learn to embrace the madness.” The second most striking quality we picked up on was Ulla’s air of complete calmness and authoritative manner around her three well-mannered, kind kids. Here, we give you a peek inside her inspiring home and reveal some of her hard-earned tips for raising well-rounded (and polite!) humans.