When Kelly and I first created The Glow, we were both 31 years-old and more than a little overwhelmed by the idea of having children and how we could possibly balance motherhood and our beloved careers. Fast forward to a very different picture today: Kelly is newly married and I just welcomed my first child into the world. Truth be told, my daughter, Plum Lillian, is not the only baby in our lives right now. This spring, right before Mother’s Day in fact, we will come out with The Glow book. Despite being a new mom, and the co-founder of a site about motherhood, the idea of featuring myself on The Glow hadn’t crossed my mind. Ten-plus years as an editor and stylist has kept me happily behind-the-scenes. The chance to collaborate with J.Crew, one of The Glow’s favorite brands, changed all that. The launch of their too-cute-for-words baby collection seemed like the perfect time to step in front of the camera. Here, Kelly turns her lens on me as we share a glimpse into my home and the world I’ve created for my little one.For exclusive photos, click on the link at the end of the story.

Plum, four months, December 2013