From the moment Zanna Roberts Rassi welcomed her twin daughters into the world, she has made it a point to be an open book about her long journey getting to where she is today. As the TV host, stylist, Marie Claire editor and Milk Makeup co-founder explains, “It was clear to me that [fertility issues] affect a large percentage of women and is something that needs to be talked about more and openly. Not in a taboo manner behind a doctors doors.” From the outside, Zanna’s life looks impossibly glamorous—traveling around the world going to fashion shows, interviewing designers and celebrities on the red carpet, attending award shows—but her behind the scenes reality during her road to motherhood felt quite the opposite. Throughout her years of struggle and what felt like thousands of doctors’ appointments, Zanna found comfort in her “work-a-holic ways” and, having come out the other side, she not only has a stellar career to show for it, but also a lifetime-worth of wisdom. On March 31, 2014, Zanna and her husband became parents to beautiful daughters Rumi and Juno, and have “floated on cloud nine ever since.”